AndamioJS is a JavaScript library designed for interacting with Andamio contracts deployed on the Cardano blockchain.


Explore the detailed documentation generated by Typedoc at andamiojs.andamio.io.


Install AndamioJS using npm:

npm install @andamiojs/core

Installation Note: If you are using the Next.js app router, use v1.y.z-alpha.1 instead of v1.y.z-alpha to avoid wasm errors.

Querying Data

Data querying functions in AndamioJS typically begin with the prefix query. For example, queryTreasuryInfo provides information about the treasury.

Each validator has a corresponding query<validator name>Info function that returns relevant information. Here's an example using queryAssignmentValidatorInfo:

const AssignmentValidatorInfo = await queryAssignmentValidatorInfo(andamioConfig);


AndamioJS handles contract transactions through classes with names ending in "Tx".

The library also provides helper functions that initialize and load the required variables for transactions, named prepare<transaction name>. For instance, the following demonstrates the implementation of AcceptAssignmentTx:

const ACCEPT_ASSIGNMENT_TX = await prepareAcceptAssignmentTx(wallet, andamioConfig, props.assignment);
const res = await ACCEPT_ASSIGNMENT_TX.runTx();

Explore the various transaction classes and their corresponding helper functions for seamless interaction with Andamio contracts.

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